18. august 2022



Text by Luca Lorenzato, Ferrari Master Technician

We are back! A new article published a little bit late with respect to the calendar, because we decided to speak about hybrid… a thorny argument these days, especially if applied to Ferrari. So, when I start to write the first draft I got stuck quite soon, because the subject is technical and specific, not easy to explain to everyone if the writer (aka me) is not a professional writer, and if we want to be honest, maybe not very appealing. I struggled a lot without finding the way to be passionate and technical at the same time about the topic…

But then, I have been lucky enough to have an extensive test drive with the new 269 GTB!

Back from the drive everything was much easier. I started my pc, open the first draft, deleted and started over!

The best way to understand the hybrid by Ferrari is to drive the new Duecentonovantasei GTB  (while reading the name in Italian, be sure also to move your hands)… and, what a car!

The performance of the new Berlinetta is incredible. The reactions of the chassis are superlative, quick in the change of directions with no perception of the cars weight. The brakes are always at the top of the class. The steering is precise and immediate thanks to the electric servo integrated in the steering rack and the new strategies stored in the ECU. And the big news in town is the brand new V6 engine named F163, the game changer able of 221 hp/litre. Many V8 enthusiasts will now turn up one’s nose, but hell, you must try this jewel of a 6 cylinder! I’m very confident when saying that the sound this engine is producing, is the best one since Maranello stopped the production of naturally aspirated engine for the Berlinetta family. But let’s go back on track and talk about hybrid.

In this performance package, the role of the electric unit is imperceptible! Exactly, you are the one in charge to define the behaviour and the performance of the car. The Manettino, that is installed on every steering wheel since the F430, is matched by a corresponding E-Manettino for the electric unit. This means that if we are driving in performance or qualifying mode you will not notice the electric unit, except the extra power available. But if you decide to drive in hybrid or electric mode of course your car will transform in a more gentle and useful daily driver!

Let us see together the 4 positions of the E-manettino:

E-drive, as the name implies, you will drive full electric with a max. range of 25 kms, after that the car will switch itself into hybrid mode, and it will start to recharge the battery pack.  The range is enough to drive through a city centre, but again the purpose of this system is to deliver extra power. (note, while the SF90 Stradale in E-mode is front wheel drive, the 296 GTB is rear wheel drive)

Hybrid, the car will start in electric mode but any time you need extra power, the internal combustion engine will kick in. In this mode the battery will be used until is discharged and then the car will start to recharge the battery from the V6 engine.

In Performance or Qualifying, when pressing the start button, the F163 unit will start to roar and you will experience the power of the 663 hp internal combustion engine plus the extra 163 hp from the electric unit. A total of 829 hp seamlessly integrated as it was one engine.

Performance mode is intended for an extensive use of the car and the strategies of the Ferrari software will hold back on delivery to have almost full power for longer runs, while the Qualifying mode will deliver the full power for a reduced time, for example in the case of a track-day session, and the maximum difference between the two settings can reach maximum 40hp, depending on the state of charge (SOC) of the high voltage battery.

So, if you want to drive a true cavallino rampante or a very good sport hybrid – it is up to you!

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